36 Crazyfists
I thought we knew this. In fact, I know we knew this.

Alaskan metal act 36 Crazyfists are working on new stuff, but without their drummer Thomas Noonan.

“After much thought and discussion in the 36 Crazyfist camp, we have decided to break the silence and address some of the concerns that have been posted on our [Facebook] page,” writes vocalist Brock Lindow.

“Firstly, our brother Thomas Noonan has decided to step away from the band,” says Brock. “I have played music with T for over 20 years, he is one of my best friends, so he will be sorely missed, but we understand as we get older (and I mean OLDER), life takes on new meanings, so with his decision, we wish him a tremendous amount of success in his newest adventures.”

Lindow then goes into 36 Crazyfists’ goings-ons, saying the disc is being worked on, but he has no idea when it will be released.

“I have to be honest — last year was very difficult for my family as I lost my mother to cancer and from that dark period of my life, we as a band decided after 19 years of 36 Crazyfists, we needed a break from the road. But as the years have rolled by, one thing I have learned throughout this band’s career is that we have found ways to find new life and overcome tragedies to create something we are truly proud of. So with all of this, we are grateful and eternally indebted to all of our people for their undying loyalty and patience. We can’t wait to get this record finished up and return to the road to connect once again.”

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