Welcome to the top 10 of American Idol season 11!

The contestants sang Billy Joel tonight, (which is a very interesting choice of theme for a show that needs to be freshened up before it drowns in ratings), and Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean Combs (whatever he’s going by now) was there as a guest mentor to guide them away from the snooze fest that they so easily fall into week after week. *spoiler alert* He didn’t help.

And as a bonus, yuppie fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, was on hand to give the contestants fashion advice. *spoiler alert* He didn’t help either.

Deandre Brackensick hit the stage first and sang ” Only The Good Die Young”. This Milli Vanilli look alike is a child and probably had no idea who Billy Joel was. Deandre has a sweet voice, but he whipped his hair back and forth a la Willow Smith way too much, and it was distracting. The 1980’s imaging on the screen behind him was great though, and went really well with his white vest. Deandre is on borrowed time on the Idol stage.

Erika Van Pelt hit the stage next with her new dark ‘do and sang “New York State of Mind”. First off, she looked like Kris Jenner if Kris Jenner got some more botox. But, besides the hair… this chick has a good voice. It’s kind of husky in it’s lower register, and that went well with the jazzy feel to this Billy Joel classic. But seriously. The super short, super dark hair do (she used to have long blonde hair by the way) was perplexing me, and I’m starting to question Tommy Hilfiger’s motives here.

You thought that was a picture of Kris Jenner, didn’t you??

Anyway, Tommy Hilfiger did absolutely nothing to Joshua Ledet, except put him in a tighter, black jacket to sing “She’s Got A Way”. This self professed male version of Fantasia sings the most boring songs ever, and he did again this week. He has a great voice, if you like Fantasia, which I don’t, so you can see why I’m not all “YAY! MAN-TASIA! YOU ROCK!”. The choir of course came out and made it all very ‘Sunday church service’ while Joshua belted out the tune. Again, he’s good, but will people really buy his CD?

Billy Joel’s “Shameless” was done with a country twist by country, and boot crazy Skylar Laine. She’s a country cutie, but no Taylor Swift. She has a nice country twang, but week after week she gets lost among the other contestants on this show who have bigger voices and bigger personalities. Like her Milli Vanilli looking friend… she might be going very soon. Sorry y’all!

Elise Testone,  who looked exactly like Erika Van Pelt until they made her look like Kris Jenner, sang the most obscure Billy Joel song. Ever. “Vienna”. Have you heard of it?? Yeah, me neither. Elise has a great rasp to her voice, and I can only assume it was a perfect fit for this Billy Joel song that I never heard of in my 24 years. Her voice is mature, and if Billy Joel was holding a gun to my head, I’d say she’s my favorite female. And that’s not just because we share the same first name; she spells her name wrong anyway.

Now, Phillip Phillips is someone Billy Joel does not have to hold a gun to my head for me to say I love. My obsession this American Idol season is for the one and only Phillip Phillips (and Heejun Han, but more on that later). Right off the bat he defies Tommy Hilfiger by wearing grey on grey after Hilfiger told him absolutely no grey. And then he told P. Diddy to mind his business (in his own way), and played his guitar on stage after he was told to leave it behind this week. BOO YAH!  P² (as I affectionately call him) sang “Movin’ Out” and he swagged it out with his very own vibe. His growl dominated the song and his subtle showmanship made the performance worth watching. And of course I’ll show you video of him, because I have a crush on him and want to watch it again.


Poor Hollie Cavanaugh had to come on stage after Phillip Phillips, and sang “Honesty”. Not only was she dressed like a 37 year old woman hitting up Atlantic City (seriously, Tommy Hilfiger?) but she sang another ballad. She’s young. She needs to sing something young and fresh… or at least make the song seem young and fresh. This little British cutie needs to liven up her performance next week, or she might be actually hitting up Atlantic City because that will be the only place she’ll be able to get gigs.

Heejun Han perked things back up with “My Life” and my goodness! Not only did Heejun Han mock Tommy Hilfiger, get called a con man by P. Diddy, and pretend to mess up at the beginning of his performance, but he did not sing one note in tune. He was all over the place, but who cares? He was by far the most entertaining of the night! I mean, I even used two exclamation points when talking about him! (That’s three). He stripped off his tux to reveal a colorful shirt and proceeded to dance around the stage, badly singing “My Life”. I dare you to watch this and not smile at least once:

You just want to be his best friend, right? I would have a platonic sleep over with Heejun Han any day of the week.

Teenage super vocalist/total pageant robot kid, Jessica Sanchez, had the pimp spot for girls and sang another ballad, “Everybody Has A Dream”. Listen. I get it. Jessica Sanchez has a great voice. In fact, probably the best in the competition, but she’s so boring. SO BORING. She sings a ballad every week and there’s no life to it. I have convinced myself and at least 3 other people in my life that she is a robot.

Colton Dixon closed the show in the super pimp spot, with *big shocker* “Piano Man”. Colton loves his piano, so it was a give-in that he’d sing “Piano Man”. Tommy Hilfiger dissed his hair before the show, and that hurt Colton’s feelings, so he sang an angsty song with his faux hawked/skunk striped hair. He did good, and all the teenage girls love his emo evoking emotion as much as I love alliteration. Colton will definitely stick around, and may just be the dark horse my imaginary boyfriend Phillip Phillips has to beat.

Who do you think will get the good ‘ol heave ho tomorrow night? Tune into FOX @8PM to find out!



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