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DevilDriver Are Free Agents

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Dez Fartfarter
I’d sign them to my label. Then shelve the record just to taunt Dez Fafara.

DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara recently confirmed in an interview that his band is free from the binds of a label contract.

The group have apparently been talking with interested record labels.

“We used to put out a record about every two years,” says Dez. “I don’t think it’s gonna be that point, at this point. We are free agents right now, which means we’re talking to many record companies. This will be a very critical record for us, when it does come out, and we’re gonna take time to write it.

“I actually heard one track the other night that is incredible,” he boasts. “We all started writing vocals to it right when we were sitting in the back, so if it’s gonna stay on that route, I think it’s gonna be an incredible record.”

When asked if the band’s next record would be on Roadrunner, Dez said, “No, not in the United States I should say.”

I foresee a deal with eOne. Why do I foresee a deal with eOne?