You know, if I had a dime for every time someone mistook me for Zeuss, I’d have at least $1.50.

At least.

And I’m assuming the same may be true for him. I’m assuming this as he approved my recent friend request, making me one of 56 people privileged to be his pal on Facebook. He did approve me.

I wanted to be Zeuss’ friend on Facebook because, well, we are both associated with the metal world (him more so, I’m fully aware) and we have the same name. Anyways, Zeuss is an amazing producer, and always has been. He has helmed some of my favorite records, and now, Howl have seen fit to tap him for their next LP.

Smart move, Howl. Very smart move.

The group are currently holed up at Planet Z tracking the outing with Zeuss, who will also mix and master the new disc.

“This is the meanest and heaviest thing we’ve ever done, and we feel like the songwriting is a big step forward since Full Of Hell,” says frontman and guitarist Vincent Hausman. “We’re super psyched to team up with Zeuss, because we feel like he’ll properly capture this monster of a record.”

A fall release through Relapse is in the works.

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