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Dude Leaves Mediocre Metal Band For God


Dave Fefolt
David Fefolt, the singer for some mediocre metal band called Firewolfe, has bailed on his compadres for God.

Fefolt left the band to pursue a career in Christian music. Good luck there, chief.

“I wrote some Christian lyrics in Angels of Babylon with David Ellefson [of Megadeth] and Rhino [formerly of Manowar], but the band was seen mainly as secular,” says Fefolt in a statement.

“I’ve been a Christian most of my life and I feel the time is right for creating music that truly glorifies God,” he says. “I lived the rock and roll lifestyle for many years and have come to realize you can only serve one Master… I choose the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.”

Fefolt has previously fronted such acts as Valhalla, Hawk, and Forgotten Realm.

The band is currently on the lookout for a new vocalist.