Slap that bass, dude

Slap that bass, dude
That’s right, you breast-kicking degenerate.

Today, by the way, is National Breastkicking Day. I know, I know — it’s missing from both free calendars hanging up in my house: the one from the bank and the one from my Chinese restaurant.

Today, and only today, it is legal in America to kick the breasts of a person (not restricted to females) you don’t like, penalty-free. So, kick away, folks.

Anyways, it seems Hatebreed have begun pre-production for the follow-up to their 2009 self-titled album.

The band posted a photo of bassist Chris Beattie in the studio, working on some sick, thick-ass lines.

This means Hatebreed are working, which means that Ball Stars rumor is likely true.

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