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Weapon Recording New Album


That’s right, you organ-trafficking jerkfaced fucknut!

Canadian blackened death metal act Weapon have entered The Physics Lab studio in their hometown of Edmonton, to start crafting blasphemous tunes.

They hit the studio on March 18 with producer Terry Paholek to begin tracking the fucker, which will be their long-awaited Relapse debut and follow-up to 2010’s critically acclaimed From The Devil’s Tomb.

It would’ve been a better title if that last word were womb.

“Weapon loyalists can expect no-holds-barred Satanic death metal that the band displayed on it’s previous work, but further refined and sharpened to ferocious perfection,” says guitarist and vocalist Vetis Monarch.

Embers And Revelations will be the apex of malice via music,” he says. I guess that’s the name of their next album then?

Weapon will be out there touring wirh Marduk and 1349, so catch them if you can.