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High On Fire Frontman Talks New Album’s Concept


High On Fire
Yes, kids. My building is still fucked more than two months after that fire.

The floors in the hallways are just dust- and splinter-covered, staple-sticking messes, and there’s no light in the hallways. Shit still smells like smoke, and there’s a fucking wooden board over the affected apartment. Slow motherfuckers cleaning that shit up…it takes two fucking months? Come on.

Anyways, that has nothing to do with High on Fire. I just needed to vent. The band’s frontman Matt Pike has revealed the concept behind the band’s upcoming album, De Vermis Mysteriis, which I keep forgetting isn’t out since I got that shit on lock down.

“In the story, Jesus Christ has a twin [named Liao], and his twin died so that Jesus Christ could live. But his twin instantly becomes a time traveler,” says Pike.

That’s wacky.

“Now, you can only go forward through time, but he comes across a scroll that was taken from ancient Stygia — and this is where I go into Robert E. Howard. Stygia was a land of black magic and witchcraft. The Vanirs, a race of warlords came and killed all the Stygians and burned all the scrolls, but some of the scrolls were smuggled out.”

OK. “In ancient China, Liao found a scroll that’s about how to make black lotus into a serum, which allows you to travel back through time and look at the past through your ancestor’s eyes. Now, Liao puts his name on the serum and he goes on a quest to find why his brother is this religious icon in the future that’s caused all this destruction and massive war.”

I need to get high with this man. This, I am sure of. De Vermis Mysteriis drops April 3.