That’s right, you Green Day-loving lilly clipper.

By now, you know Cerebral Bore won the right to open on this year’s Summer Slaughter tour, securing enough online votes from fans to win the coveted slot. But really, it doesn’t matter who you voted for.

The eligible bands that didn’t win will be thrown together and packaged as the Slaughter Survivors, just like the tour’s organizers did last year.

We don’t know who will be picked to be on the tour, but it seems logical the top vote-getters would get preference, and if I were a betting man, I’d say the top vote tallies were generated by Pathology and Hour of Penance.

I am hoping Fit For An Autopsy make it, and Fallujah. Hell, Vildjharta wouldn’t be so awful, I guess. Also in contention are Aegaeon, Battlecross, Enfold Darkness, and I Declare War.

We will just have to wait and see. Who is psyched for this? Anyone? I’m too busy worrying about getting lockjaw to care.

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