The Front Bottoms, Photo by Lucia Holm Photography

The first song I ever heard by The Front Bottoms was ‘Flashlights’ off their self titled 2011 debut. It was instant love; perfect pop rock love. Having grown up with bands like Blink 182, listening to this album was like taking a breath of familiar air and I was transported back in time. A simpler time, before student loans, back when my hardest problem was trying to figure out a way to get my dad to let me borrow the car. What is best about this band however isn’t their familiarity, but rather how they take the genre and add something new to it.

The acoustic guitar coupled with the pop drums and the surprising bullhorn make this band one that combines something tried and true with something new. It’s shocking how much the addition of one less common instrument can really effect a bands sound. In the case of the horn, it adds a Ska aspect to their music that makes it more appealing and harder to peg into a corner. What will really grab your attention though isn’t the way Mathew Uychich bangs on his drums or blows his horn. Lyrically, this group is a step above anything I’ve heard in a while.

The songs that The Front Bottoms make are truly something special- more accessible and obvious than other bands in their bracket. And I mean that in a good way. They put everything on the table, connecting to fans with every word that singer and guitar player Brian Sella utters. The duo from New Jersey are romantic, dark, hopeful… their lyrics without a doubt will resonate with the listener – we’ve all felt the things Sella sings about in every single one of the songs on The Front Bottoms. In their single ‘Maps’ (watch the video below), the lyrics and the guys are just endearing and honest, “One day you’ll be washing yourself with hand soap in a public bathroom/ And you’ll be saying, how did I get here?” Basically, what they’ve created in this album is beautiful and revealing of emotions so common to everyone. The Front Bottoms perform music that is a perfect reminder that our insecurities, hopes, affections, and fears are the same  as the person to our left.

So, if you are a fan of pop punk bands, I expect to see you on Tuesday at Showbox the Market. The Front Bottoms are opening for Say Anything, along with Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, and Fake Problems. Buy your tickets here, and be there early as The Front Bottoms will be the first band to take the stage.

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