Well, this just blows.

By the way, I never knew that Mastic Scum were from Austria. I never bothered to check. I grew up near a place called Mastic, and it is home to ample amounts of scum, so I always just presumed they were from Long Island.

Anyways, Mastic Scum issued an update about their former singer Will. They didn’t provide his last name, and there is no online record of his last name, so, Will it is.

“In deep sadness we have to announce that our friend and ex-member Will [vocals] died by accident on Friday 23rd of March,” the band says.

“We are all very shocked about his tragic death. Will joined Mastic Scum in 1993 and left the band in 2008,” the band says. “We had a great time and lot of experiences together. R.I.P., Will — we’ll see us in another life!”

The band parted ways with Will in 2008, citing “musical differences.”

Our thoughts are will those who cared about Will — whatever his last name was.

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