What’s that, you say? Never heard of Kamala? That’s kinda sad. Only kinda sad.

The band hail from São Paulo, Brazil, meaning they live in paradise, where chicks with ample asses walk around in thongs. So, making heavy music is harder, because usually, everyone’s so chipper.

Kamala have wrapped work on their new album, called The Seven Deadly Chakras. The disc was produced by Ricardo Piccoli and Kamala are currently seeking a label to release the thing.

“MS Metal Records showed interest in releasing our work in Brazil,” says singer and guitarist Raphael Olmos. “We trust in their work, but we’re still looking for other proposals, to make sure this albums gets the recognition it deserves.”

It seems the The Seven Deadly Chakras is a concept piece.

“It has 14 tracks, seven being about the seven deadly sins, and the other seven about the chakras. The idea behind the album is that every sin affects the chakras, where one side shows the search for equilibrium and the other shows the dark side of the human being,” Olmos says.

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