Robbie Crane

Robbie Crane
Yes, folks — Ratt are still active.

But now, they are active with one less member. Robbie Crane, who had been the band’s bassist since 1997, just upped and quit recently.

During an appearance last week on the “Headbangers At 11” show on 93.3 KDKB, Crane explained his decision to leave.

“I’ve been playing in Lynch Mob since October of 2010,” says Crane.

“It’s a thing that I’ve always loved doing, and I love playing with the band. As of recently, I’ve moved on from Ratt — I definitely quit Ratt — and I let them all know that,” he says.

So, he quit a band that hasn’t evolved in two decades to join one that’s barely evolved? That’s cool.

“But you know what?! It’s not because of Lynch Mob,” he says. “I’d been with Ratt for 15 years and it was time to move on. I love being in Lynch Mob and this is where my heart’s at.”

No one cares.

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