Destroyed In Seconds
People have really taken a shining to our Readers’ Bands column, so much so that we are now receiving more emails about bands than ever before. We’re trying to get to every band, so be patient. And if your band truly sucks, well, we’ll tell you, and hope you still read the site.

Recently, we got an email from Destroyed In Seconds (or D.I.S.), a thrashy North Hollywood, California-based band featuring ex and current members of Phobia, Mange, Panties, and Eat The Living.

“We enjoy the site so we wanted to send you some material for possible review,” the band writes in an email. But we don’t do reviews.

We will, however, highlight the band, which — at first listen — sounds pretty awesome. Check out the track at the end of this post, and tell us what you think of Destroyed In Seconds.

They’ve got an album called Becoming Wrath on the way, so keep an eye out for that if you dig ‘em.

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