That’s right, you rash-riddled rabble rouser.

Canadian technical death metal greats Gorguts will be the opening act on the upcoming “Death To All Tour,” which is going to kick major ass.

A benefit for Sweet Relief, the five-city tour will boast a number of Death’s amazing musicians from over the years, and serve as a tribute to the late Chuck Schuldiner.

The tour will kick off in San Francisco, California, and wind its way across the U.S., down to Orlando, Florida.

Stops are planned in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

The drums on the “Death To All Tour 2012” will be handled by Gene Hoglan and Sean Reinert. Tackling bass will be Steve DiGiorgio and Scott Clendenin. On guitars will be Paul Masvidal, Shannon Hamm and Bobby Koelble.

Stepping into Chuck’s immense motherfucking shoes will be Obscura’s Steffen Kummerer and Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn and Bereft.

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