This blows
This is fucked up.

David Isberg, who is best known for founding seminal Swedish progressive metal band Opeth, is recovering at a Stockholm-area hospital after being assaulted whilst walking home the night of March 13.

This guy gets attacked and yet David Draiman walks around, untouched? The world makes no sense.

David, 37, wrote on his Facebook page on March 24, “For everyone still wondering, I was 12 days ago beaten real badly. [The] only thing I was trying to do was walk home from my work. [I am] now at [a] hospital. Enough said.”

The police believe the assault was linked to a fight that started on a bus that left central Stockholm in the early morning hours of March 14. Isberg was not involved.

One of David’s alleged assailants, a 23-year-old man, was arrested and is being charged with attempted manslaughter. I hope his intestines are punctured by a 13-inch prison cock.

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