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April Starts Off with Kathleen Edwards at Neumos 4/3


This year it seems that every record to come to the States by way of Canada has been on another level. Canadian singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards‘ 2012 release Voyageur, her fourth full length release, showcases her best work to date.

To identify her sound most simply, she creates songs that infuse folk with classic rock. You can certainly see where two of her influences, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, come into play. It’s far more apparent this time around than on other albums she’s released based on how many of the songs are simple in terms of instrumentals with the focus being put on what Edwards is telling us about her life.

When you listen to her lyrics, it’s clear that her world has taken a new direction as of late. Her songs have always been emotionally charged, but with a recent divorce it seems that many of them revolve around loss and moving on. What makes this album so special is that while most of the tracks are focused on a relationship ending, her music is so infused with hope and an uptempo sound that it doesn’t feel depressing to listen to. As a listener, you connect with the lyrics she sings with a tone of power in ‘Change the Sheets’ when she says, “I wanna lie in the cracks of this lonely road/I can fill in the blanks for every time you/Here is the truth I swear I was fun/Go ahead run.” Maybe it’s the bravery in her voice on tracks like this one, but you don’t feel as depressed as the lyrics dictate – instead it’s a sort of sadness mixed with self realization that everything will be okay. Of course there are slower, more melancholy songs such as ‘House Full of Empty Rooms’ where Edwards seems to be wallowing in pain and encourages the listener to do the same. However, even in those moments her voice comes through as reassured and gives her audience a sense of “everything will be alright.”

Kathleen Edwards began her tour of Europe, Canada, and the United states this March after the release of Voyageur and will be coming to Seattle next Tuesday, April 3rd. Opening for her at this show is Hannah Georgas, and the combination of these two incredible singer/songwriters will make for a thoughtful, beautiful show. Tickets are available here for $18 in advance.