David Silveria
That’s right, folks. David Silveria does not like to call cabs.

TMZ.com reports Korn’s original drummer — who got out when the getting was good — was arrested for DUI in Huntington Beach, California, this past weekend.

Police records claims Silveria — who played with Korn for 13 years and now owns a restaurant — was arrested on Sunday at 10:45 a.m. That’s when most “decent” people are either waking up or in church.

Silveria recently joined forces Riz Story and Miki Black of Anyone in a brand new project called Infinika.

David left Korn in 2006 in order to focus on family life along with running his steak house and sushi restaurant.

In 2009, David changed his steak house into the rock and sports-themed bar Silvera’s Rockbar and was said to be no longer 50 percent owner of his sushi restaurant, having agreed to sell his half of ownership over to his ex-wife after a year-long court battle.

Sounds like life’s been great for Dave.

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