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After sending audiences into sensory overload on the last tour with his Shadowsphere, DJ Shadow is back on tour to support his new album The Less You Know, The Better. He’ll be playing the Showbox at the Market on April 25th. Tickets are $25 + fees, and you can buy right from Shadow’s website.

He’d also like you to download his free smartphone app, take pictures at shows, and upload them on the app. He’s encouraging a sea of blue-lit faces looking at screens at shows, but if you can’t beat them, brand them. You can also listen to snippets of the new album on the app, then follow links to buy.

The Less You Know, the Better displays Shadow in his full glory as a producer. There are moments of 90s hip hop with songs like ‘Stay the Course,’ and then cinematic ballads like ‘Sad and Lonely.’ You can bet that there are fossils of samples stuffed into each of these songs. Shadow’s crates are deep. Endtroducing came out in 1996. At the time it was huge sweeping symphonies of samples and looped dusty beats. He’s matured greatly since then, producing, remixing, and making album after beautiful album– beautiful headphone albums that when you see them performed live they fill you with gratitude and the need to first nod your head, then dance. Check out this video for ‘Gotta Rokk’ and you’ll see what I mean.


Culture DJ Shadow to Play Showbox at the Market April 25th