Some metal doesn’t have to sound like a chainsaw robot tearing through a pet store on fire. Sometimes, metal can be soft and make you think of horned creatures.

Finnish traditional folk metal act Korpiklaani are just that kind of band.

Yes, they recently finished tracking their upcoming eighth studio album, which drops this summer. And now, they are previewing the disc for fans.

At the end of this post, you can hear a new ‘Klaani track called “Metsälle.”

“‘Metsälle’ can be seen as kind of a prayer to the ancient gods to ask for luck for the tough hunt deep in the woods in cold winter time,” says frontman Jonne Järvelä.

“Not only is the old man in the song praying for success but — even more importantly — for a safe way through the dangerous frostiness.”

So, what do you folks think of this new folk metal tune?

Entertainment Korpiklaani Debut New Track From Upcoming LP