Oh man, does this suck!

Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn Crahan — who is better known to maggots as Clown — will go under the knife today.

He will have knee surgery, which means dude will have to undergo a ton of rehab.

“Knee surgery on Thursday,” Clown writes online. “I can not jump like Sid. When I do I have to get knee surgery. Hail the knot.”


“I am going to have a lot of weird questions that my wife and friends make up so they can ask them to me right when I wake up from my surgery,” Clown writes.

“They will film my responses and I will post them. Should be frightening. Filming the surgery as well. Should be fun to watch them manipulate my knee. I get strange when they put me under. Hail the knot for all the good art.”

Hail the knot? Dude…overuse phrases much?

All kidding aside, we wish Clown a speedy recovery. After all, he does have to work this summer.

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