This may be the first two parter Community has aired. There are three plot threads to this week’s episode. The thread that builds on last week, and will continue next week is the continuing friction between Troy and Abed.

Community has never existed in anything resembling the real world. Never was that truth more evident than this week when Troy and Abed decided to build a pillow fort at Greendale and nobody batted an eye. That’s business as usual. This pillow fort became the center of the rift between Troy and Abed when after Vice Dean of the Air Conditioning Repair Annex (John Goodman) planted the seeds of dissent between the two friends. It’s all in an effort on the Vice Dean’s part to get Troy to join the Annex. It’s been a recurring theme on the show, and it seems to be coming to a head. That was the big story for this episode, and it’s to be continued. It’s good to have conflict between our show’s best buds, but you want them to get over it and be a united front of strange and weird. Fingers crossed.

The second plot thread for this episode is Annie convincing Jeff to apologize to someone who called him insensitive in a letter. She’s got her own issues with Jeff, and that’s kind of what this is about. Lots of continuity stuff in this week’s show. Not the best for new viewers, but good payoffs for fans of the show who are currently doing their part. Viewership numbers continue to be good. Keep it up people.

Now we come to the best part of the episode. It’s about Britta falling for a man who’s become the legal personification of Subway. The episode opens with the opening of a Subway in the caffeteria right where Pierce and Shirley wanted to open theirs in a previous episode. They call the dean on Greendale bylaws about having business run by students, and that’s when we meet the man Subway.

He introduces himself thusly:

“Using a ground-breaking but surprisingly legal process known as Corpo-Humanization, real people such as myself are now allowed to present the collective humanity of business owners. I have contractually waived my birth identity and am now a man, and student called Subway.”

That’s just great writing. Of course Britta hates him right out the gate, except he’s gorgeous, and underneath the corporate facade he’s a bleeding heart who wants to help injured animals and can quote 1984. She’s smitten, and despite herself she likes him. “That’s good whoresmanship,” Pierce says, and gives her a listening device to plant so they can get revenge on Subway. (The man, and the business entity.) This ends up working out in Pierce and Shirley’s favor when Britta and Subway end up hooking up in Abed’s pillow fort and it all gets recorded.

Lots going on. Between Pierce doing shots of ink from pens that he thinks are mini flasks, to some truly outstanding comical acting by Gillian Jacobs, and the rising tension between Troy and Abed, things are getting exciting on Community.

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