That’s the word. In fact, I have been hearing for more than a month that DJ Lethal was out of Limp Bizkit.

Lethal revealed in a series of Twitter posts that he and drummer John Otto have become estranged from Fred Durst, and could be out of the band real soon.

“So far the only news I’ve heard is that Fred has plans for a ‘new’ Limp Bizkit which doesn’t include John Otto or I. I’m hoping for the best,” writes Lethal.

Limp Bizkit just signed a new deal. Wouldn’t Lethal have been a signatory to that deal?

“From what I understand, Fred doesn’t approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun. I don’t want to cause drama. It’s unfair,” Lethal adds.

“I’ve tried to reach out and make things better. But Fred seems to have made up his mind. Bands fight and argue all the time. [I] just don’t get it.

“This is not an April Fool’s joke, unfortunately,” the DJ says. “I love being in Limp; it’s been my life for 15 years. A lot of good people and good times.

“I’m not going to whine about it. I just had to vent because it’s pretty sad. And had to address all the fans that a going to a 1/2 Bizkit show.”

Interesting. Does this mean Fred Durst has actually…dare I say it…grown up? Matured? Can’t be. It can’t fucking be.

This is a strange move. A “new” Limp Bizkit? People don’t care about the old Limp Bizkit — why would they care about a new one? Frankly, I believe this is Cash Money’s doing.

  • The more I hear about Fred Durst, the more he reminds me of Axl Rose. Total egomaniac, alienating the other band members, who are in fact what makes the band worth listening to. I saw Limp Bizkit in concert a number of years ago, and they actually put on a damn good show. But without the other band members, Limp Bizkit is just Fred Durst. And…yeah. No caption is necessary.

    • Jonathan Davis is KoRn. David Draiman (sp?) is just Disturbed. Aaron Lewis is just Stain. Corey Taylor is just SlipKnot. You can say that about alot of bands. Fred’s ego is bigger, yes. But when the class clown is disrupting class, it gets taken out for a more unified group who take their classes serious. Not, calling Lethal a clown. this guy kicks ass. They all do. But you don’t know the entire story. I don’t either. But apparently Fred saw something he didn’t like and it prolly trying to revamp their image and bring the Bizkit back to where they belong. On top. Mainstream radio? Whatever. I just want the Bizkit back. I’m sorry, but Lethal is expendable. Like John Otto. Anyone professional can trace their lines and make new ones once that craft is perfected. Ever listen to the new Drowning Pool? Not the same nor ever will be. [RIP Dave Williams] It’s not as good. Fred Durst is Limp bizkit and Limp Bizkit is Fried Durst. That’s just how it is. Of course Wes and Sam have to be there. I’m just glad I seen them in Memphis when I did in 2010. m/