Paul Di'Anno
Intromental Worldwide — the company which was in charge of booking former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno’s summer 2012 North American tour — released a statement to

“It is with deep regret that Intromental Worldwide announces that Paul Di’Anno and his management have decided to cancel the upcoming North American tour already scheduled and confirmed for this summer. Intromental was acting in the capacity of booking agents for the tour,” the statement reads.

I guess they’re going to have to return all 12 tickets that sold for the tour.

“The cancelation is 100% beyond our control, and it comes after the majority of the tour was confirmed and announced,” the statement reads. “We’re extremely dissatisfied with how things were handled by Paul Di’Anno and his management as we were given no explanation other than ‘Paul chooses not to do this tour.’ Given the history and previous cancelations, we are not entirely surprised.”

Oh snap! Shit talk alert!

“This very untimely decision is affecting promoters, agents and the bands involved in the tour in many ways, including financially. We’re very sorry about this turn of events and apologize to all fans, promoters and venues who supported our efforts in booking this tour.”

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