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Seattle Welcomes Sleigh Bells to The Showbox Again 4/8

Sleigh Bells, Photo via Facebook

I think it’s safe to say that Sleigh Bells and Seattle like one another. Just a few months after selling out Showbox at the Market, they have booked another show at Showbox Sodo to take place on Sunday April 8th. With the success of their last tour, it only makes sense that this one will be just as successful and feature the same full throttle brand of electronic dance punk.

Sleigh Bells begun their take over of the music world when guitarist Derek Edward Miller and singer Alexis Krauss joined forces in 2008. The draw of their music is really how it combines the best of so much out their in music right now. It’s got a heavy, thick electronic sound and also exudes punk rock in their drum and guitar playing. What takes their music to another level is Krauss’ high notes. Her voice brings the pop out of their songs and adds another level of danceability to their music. If you’re smart and buy tickets to this show, expect a rager of a party- that’s for certain.

Fresh off the release of their 2nd LP, Reign of Terror, the Brooklyn duo have launched another tour crisscrossing North America. They’ll be playing The Showbox Sodo this time around Sunday, April 8th. They are a band best heard live, with the volume turned as high as it is capable of being cranked. So prepare your ear drums as well as your dancing shoes- this show is going to take your notion of what constitutes ‘high-energy’ up another notch. Buy tickets to see Sleigh Bells and their opening acts Javelin and Elite Gymnastics here.

UPDATE: This show has been cancelled. Here is the official notice from Sleigh Bells posted by the Showbox –

Dear Seattle,
We will be canceling our show tonight at the ShowBox due to my laryngitis. I am beyond frustrated for having to do this on such short notice, but I had no idea it would be this bad until I woke up this morning and couldn’t speak. We will keep you posted about rescheduling.
Thank you for understanding.
Much Love,