Chilly Gonzales entertains Seattle on April 10, 2012.

If this article had been posted a day earlier, you might have taken it for an April Fools Day joke. But fortunately for the good folk of Seattle, Chilly Gonzales is no walking punchline. Instead he’s one of the most dynamic, versatile, talented, and eccentric album producers of his time, a friend to Daft Punk, a Jewish-Canadian rapper pianist, and a Guinness World Record holder for the longest ever solo piano concert.

Oh, and did we mention that you already know at least one of his tunes? If you recall the iPad commercial from a few years ago, with the catchy percussive intro and compulsive hand-clapping jive, then we can finally put you out of your misery – the music is the intro to Chilly’s ‘Never Stop’, from the album Ivory Tower. (If you still don’t recall it, check out the live performance below… and take a stroll down Apple memory lane.)

So what can we expect from Chilly’s Seattle show, when he comes to the Triple Door on Monday April 10th? Who knows. That’s half the fun of the Gonzales brand – it encompasses so many styles that you’re never entirely sure what you’ll get. His raps are notoriously rambling and often hilarious, name-dropping everyone from Larry David to John McCain; his electronic compositions are second only to Daft Punk themselves; his piano music… well, he holds that Guinness World Record for a reason. He’s clearly so talented that very little lies beyond his reach.

Given that his current tour is called the Piano Talk Show, however, maybe we can expect just that: some piano music, some talk, and undoubtedly some of the most unconventional rapping you’ll hear this side of Berlin. In an industry that seems to be slowly losing its characters to the onslaught of pop clones and Idol wannabes, Chilly Gonzales stands out like… well, like a Jewish-Canadian pianist-rapper.

Tickets are still available here for Chilly Gonzales’ Piano Talk Show at The Triple Door, Seattle, on Monday April 10, 2012, priced $17.50 in advance or $20 on the door (plus applicable fees). If you want to know more then visit the official (and unspeakable) Chilly Gonzales website.

Now, as promised, here’s that performance of ‘Never Stop’ to jog your memory… and whet your appetite.

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