Dave Mustaine
This is nice.

Megadeth frontman and guitarist Dave Mustaine — who has been making headlines as of late for being a homophobic asshole — has been given a clean bill of health by his doctors.

They say his neck has been repaired from successful surgery six months ago.

Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t perform corrective surgery on the part of his brain that thinks Jesus is the awesomest and gay people should be crucified.

“Got my 6 mos. X-rays 3/30/12 on my neck,” Mustaine Tweets. “Totally fused, and I can FINALLY start exercising. Thank God, and thanks for your prayers.”

We are happy Dave has made a full recovery, and will be getting back to headbanging any day now.

We are not, however, happy with Dave’s recent political and religious musings, which are making us question whether we should ever listen to Megadeth again.

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