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Juno Awards Just As Whack As The Grammys


Devin Townsend
I call bullshit!

Deconstruction, the amazing, ultra-heavy album released by the Devin Townsend Project, was in the running for “Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year” at the Juno Awards.

That’s Canada’s answer to the Grammys, which are basically a sham of an awards show, fueled solely by album sales.

Well, Devin didn’t win. Nope — fucking KEN mode did instead.

This means the Juno Awards are bullshit.

That DTP album was flawless, aye? What the fuck, man? The Junos are worthless. This proves it.

KEN mode’s Vulnerable also beat the likes of Anvil’s Juggernaut Of Justice, Cauldron’s Burning Fortune, and Fuck The Facts’ Die Miserable.