Ponderous Chain

Ponderous Chain
When we first launched this column, we literally gave it two minutes of thought. It seemed like a good idea and so far, the response has been overwhelming. It was basically our way of giving back to our readers, who’re always telling their friends to check us out.

Now let’s check out Ponderous Chain, a metal band based out of Kington, Ontario.

We got an email not too long ago from guitarist Zach, who says “I love Gun Shy Assassin and think your regular readers might dig our stuff too. That and yes, this is a shameless promotion attempt.”

At least dude is honest. So let’s be honest about Ponderous Chain.

The name could be better, but the music is dope. It’s aggressive, punishing, and kind of Meshuggah-ish — which is never, ever a bad thing. I really, really like the vocals, I dig the guitars, the drumming is stellar…see if you don’t agree.

Check out the band on Reverb Nation, as well as the track that follows, and tell us either in the comments section below or over on Facebook whether you hate Ponderous Chain, or think they are off the chain.

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