It’s that time of year again, when the magical words “free ice cream” ring in our ears like enchanted flutes, sending us skipping to our nearest Ben & Jerry’s. Free Cone Day is like the Pied Piper of Ice Cream. Except the ending. We’ll skip that.

Tuesday, April 3rd, from noon until 8:00 pm, go claim your free ice cream cone. It’s free. It’s ice cream. What’s not to love? Although you can choose from tried and true favorites, this year the newest offering (and there’s always a new offering) is Greek Frozen Yogurt. It comes in four flavors: Raspberry Fudge Chunk, Peanut Butter Banana, Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Vanilla Graham.

Check the Scoop Shop locator to find a store near you, but be aware that not every store is necessarily listed there, so call yours if you’re not sure if they’re offering the promotion. The promotion is taking place all over the world, literally, so chances are you can find a shop somewhere .

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