This shit’s gotta just piss you off.

Polish extreme metal dudes Behemoth’s first gig on the highly anticipated inaugural “Decibel Magazine Tour” has hit a stumbling block.

While the tour kicks off in a mere eight days, the owners of the venue they are to play at in Columbus, Ohio, have banned Behemoth, Watain, The Devil’s Blood, and In Solitude.

Why? The always reliable “religious conflicts” excuse.

Man, you’ve gotta love that shit.

“These bands are no strangers to this type of treatment, and a new venue has already been confirmed,” says a press release from Metal Blade. “The Columbus, Ohio show will now be at the Alrosa Villa.”

“Wow, big motherfuckin’ WOW! We are facing a legendary moment: America, the land of the free, is banning Behemoth ’cause of religious beliefs,” says frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski. “The madness starts in Ohio, but, of course, we are playing anyway. Nothing can stop us now. God, please save me from this freedom…”

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