Cradle of Filth
Once-extreme British metal band Cradle of Filth will be hitting the studio later this month to record yet another album.

The band’s tenth album will be out this fall, says frontman Dani Filth.

“Thus far we have recorded nine demos (with a final two to follow swiftly on their heels in the coming weeks) which all sound fabulously twisted, though it is hard to put into words just exactly how this album is sounding that would not add confusion to general expectations,” says Filth.

“I would personally liken it to a hubbub of Cradle through the years but with a fresh energetic streak racing prominently throughout… it’s fast, innovative, melodic, brutal and utterly uncompromising, VERY cinematic (there is a noticeable rise of the orchestral thanks to [drummer] Martin [Skaroupka] who has been working alongside [guitar] Paul’s [Allender] feverous songwriting both on these and the drum tracks, which are astonishing to say the least…), romantic, necromantic, angry and reflective.

“Fuck me, it’s a new Cradle of Filth album, and a really bloody good one at that, if the demos alone are taken as a foretaste of the thunderstorm to come,” boasts Dani.

Meanwhile, on April 21, Cradle releases Midnight In The Labyrinth, a double-CD that sees the band rehashing old tunes with new twists. Or something.

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