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American Idol Top 8: 80's Night! I Think 2 Contestants Kind Of Lived In The 80's

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The top 8 contestants tackled 80’s night and I’m pretty no more than two contestants actually breathed 80’s air, and even so, it was only the last 3 years of the 1980’s. American Idol season 11 are babies!

Gwen Stefani contributed to the mentoring session, but I didn’t listen to half of what she said because I was so distracted by the fact that I’m at least 2 decades younger than her and I look like the crypt keeper next to her. WHAT DOES THAT WOMAN EAT?!? I WANT IT!

Anyway, back to the task at hand….

Deandre Brackensick started the night off with his little macaroni head and 80’s night seemed to suit him because he looks like one-half of the Milli Vanilli guys (They were macaroni heads too).  Deandre sang “I Like It” by Debarge and it was pretty decent. I make fun of him a lot, but I’ll give him props this week. He was whipping the hair a little too much, so that was ridiculous, but for the first time his falsetto seemed to fit the point he was trying to make. Too bad Deandre doesn’t have a time machine to go back to 1984; he would be a lot more successful. Though he was decent this week (and way better than last week), I’m not sure if his fan base is strong enough to keep him from getting the boot!

Elise Testone hit the stage next and girl was still pumped up from last week. She closed the show with a hard, rocked out Led Zepplin song and it went over very well with America. This week she sang “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner and I want to know what possessed her to pick this song? I’m just anti this song for some reason, but with that aside, she killed it… in a good way. She is by far my favorite girl in this competition and she gets points for being the only person actually born in the 1980’s. She turned this slow ballad from a snooze fest to something with a slight rock edge with her strong, husky voice. I’ll give her props for that. I hope she sticks around for a few more weeks, because girl can sing.

The boyfriend that lives in my head, Phillip Phillips, sang Genesis’ “That’s All” and of course it was the most perfect minute and a half in this 2 hour karaoke contest. I loathe Phil Collins and Genesis, so the fact that P Squared could take away my horror is saying a lot. His growl was perfect on this song. And yes, he sounds the same every week, I know that, but, I love it. He’s one of those imaginary boyfriend’s that you’re willing to pretend to like his band while you’re dating; for the sake of love. Phillip Squared will definitely be around another week because he has a killer smile, he’s a Caucasian male, and he plays guitar. You’ve guys seen this show before, you know how it works.

Did you know Joshua Ledet was 19? Because I didn’t. I thought Joshua and Elise Testone were the 80’s babies, but apparently not. Joshua is a child. He’s like that toddler that always dresses like an old man. Anyway, Benjamin Button (is that the right “age challenged” fictional character?) sang Simply Red’s “If You Don’t know Me By Now” and it was all sorts of Sunday church. There was a choir and dramatic imaging in the background, and of course it was technically good, but I couldn’t decide what I liked less; his jacket or the song choice? I think we just need to come to terms with the fact that I’m not a fan of Joshua Ledet. But luckily, this competition isn’t up to me (it would be over and me and Phillip Phillips would be riding off into the sunset together), and Joshua will most likely stick around for at least another week.

My favorite teen robot, Jessica Sanchez was gracing us with her presence next, but wait… what is this?? BB Chez, you say? BB Chez is Jessica’s poor man version of Sasha Fierce, and while Beyonce’s alter ego is actually fierce, Jessica’s just sounds like a drag queen from Atlantic City. BB Chez sang “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston and I will finally give  her props for singing an uptempo. But even with an uptempo song, everything looks so calculated and emotionless. Jessica has a great, big voice, but she’s boring as hell. Again, it doesn’t matter what I say, she’ll stick around. On a side note, I wonder if she has a lot of friends in high school and if so, does she make them call her BB Chez?

Hollie “I have an accent all of a sudden” Cavanaugh hit us with some “Flashdance”, and thank God she doesn’t sing in whatever accent she has, because I can not understand her when she speaks. The best part of this performance was the disco ball in the middle of the stage. Here comes my Randy Jackson moment of the season…. she was a little pitchy. Hollie’s time may have run out on Idol, which is fine with me because I really can not understand the words that she’s saying and I continue to forget about her each week.

COLTON GOT HIS HAIR DID!! Colton Dixon dyed his hair yellow, and by yellow I mean the color of urine. Colton and his pee color hair sang “Time After Time”, but by some version of an indie band that no one ever heard of (let’s assume it’s a Jesus band). Urine head (Is that funny? Will that name stick?) did a good job, he sounded like the perfect emo rocker that he is, but the real rock star of the performance was the drummer Rex. I don’t know about you but I’m voting for Rex because one, he didn’t use Kool-Aid to dye his hair and two, he just isn’t Colton Dixon. But don’t worry you Dixon lovers, Colton will stick around because the girls love him!

Skylar Laine closed the show with her country-tastic version of “Wind Beneath My Wings”. While it was a decent performance for Skylar, it was a little like a high school musical audition. She looked cute though, and it was way better than last week, so let’s all vote for her for that reason alone. Plus, she didn’t choose “9 to 5” and we should all be thankful for that.

Who was your favorite? Who do you want to see go? Tune in tomorrow night @8PM on FOX to see who gets voted off!