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Euronymous Will Not Be On Plane’s Tail


This. Fucking. Blows.

Affordable airline Norwegian Air Shuttle will not be plastering the sunny visage of Øystein Aarseth — a.k.a. Euronymous of Mayhem — on the tailfins of their planes, even though he got a majority of the public votes.

He was the top vote getter, thanks again to metal heads like you.

Anyone who ever questions which genre’s fans are the most allegiant need to go fuck theyselves.

The airline launched a Web campaign to choose an eminent Norwegian personality to grace the tails of their airplanes to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company.

Euronymous never made it to the final list of candidates; reports claim his family requested he be taken out of the running.

The family declined to give a reason for the move.

“Naturally we respect their wishes,” an airline spokesman said.

That would have been awesome. I am not sure why they would block this, and didn’t sue to stop the release of that death photo.