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P.O.D. Offering Free Download Of Track With Jasta


So, raise your hands if you wanna download some free P.O.D.

No, not S.O.D.; P.O.D., the “so alive” guys.

P.O.D. are giving away a song for free called “Eyez.” If it’s free, you know it must be good.

I can’t bring myself to listen to it yet.

The song boasts a cameo from Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta.

For those who actually came here for P.O.D. news, the song comes from P.O.D.’s next album — which will likely be awesome, like how evolution isn’t.

That disc drops like a pile of shit from a rainbow in the sky sometime this summer.

No, I am not on acid. But thanks for asking.

And P.O.D. suck…just so we’re clear.