That was quick.

Drummer Mike Van Dyne quit two days ago, and already Arsis have a new drummer in Shawn Priest.

Priest has previously toured with the band in the past, and will be tackling the drums for the band’s upcoming fifth full-length outing.

“After several major tours with Arsis since 2008, I am more than happy to take the position of full-time drummer,” says Priest.

“These guys have become some of my best friends and based on the new material we’ve been putting together, I think the new record will be one of the best and most extreme Arsis releases to date. Get stoked people.”

James Malone, the band’s frontman, also commented on the new drummer situation.

“I am beyond thrilled with the pre-production for the new album and the addition of Shawn Priest on drums. Shawn has done many tours for Arsis and felt we it was time to give him the respect he deserves and bring him on as the full-time drummer. Shawn‘s input into the new songs has made them more intense than I could have ever imagined.”

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