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Between The Buried And Me To Record New Album In May


Between The Buried And Me
That’s right, my friends.

Between The Buried And Me bassist Dan Brigs tells AbsolutePunk that Between the Buried and Me are due in the studio on May 14 to begin recording their new album.

The band will work with producer Jamie King for the disc once again.

Dude did an interview to promote his new side project Trioscapes, which releases its debut May 8.

“As you are talking to me tonight, we are finishing up the last song, which isn’t the last song on the record, but the last song we have to write still,” Brigs says in the interview.

“We’re about to eat some dinner, go back and work on the last section and call it a day. Call it an album I guess. We’re essentially done writing after today.”

He continued: “We’ll be at Jamie’s for five or six weeks tracking and a little bit longer mixing. We’ll be doing all of that before we leave for Summer Slaughter in July.”

So, that’s phat!