Phil Anselmo
Haven’t you ever wished your phone’s ringtone could just be Down’s Phil Anselmo, trying to be funny? I know I have always wanted his gruff voice on mine.

OK, that’s bullshit. I’ve never wanted that, and never will. Who the hell is going to buy into this shit, man? I thought the days of celebrities selling ringtones were long gone.

“Grab one of my new ‘Craptastic’ ringtones and be the first one on your block to be full of it,” says Phil online.

If that’s not a genius sales ploy, I don’t like pizza. And I loves me some pizza. Why would you want to be the first person on your block to have this?

I’d maybe get this as a gag if he sold a ringtone of him saying something offensive. Maybe even racist. The true Phil.

“The ringtones are available now! To download the ringtones, just text the keywords below to 69937 and your ringtone will be sent to your phone. Charges apply per ringtone.”

Here’s them keywords for them ringtones.

Title: Ring

Keyword: Phil1

Title: Ring Inhale

Keyword: Phil2

Title: Ding Dong

Keyword: Phil3

Title: Bbbbbb

Keyword: Phil4

Title: Pick Up The Phone

Keyword: Phil5

Title: There’s Someone Calling

Keyword: Phil6

Title: Answer

Keyword: Phil7

Title: Whaaoo

Keyword: Phil8

Title: I’ll Keep Calling

Keyword: Phil9

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