Whether or not you buy into Friday the 13th having a certain weirdness-factor, this Friday, April 13th  it would be best for your well being if you got a little weird at Neumos by way of Paper Diamond.

Colorado’s been the home base for some well known untz producing producers and DJs, and add Alex B aka Paper Diamond to that list. While the name ‘Paper Diamond’ might be new to you, Alex B has been making electronic music for quite a while. The result of his years of experience is showcased in Paper Diamond, and showcased in a way that brings something refreshing to a genre that is exploding right now.

What you’ll find when you check out his first EP, Levitate, is 8 tracks of perfect bass, synth, and vocal samplings. I think though to truly appreciate his debut, knowing the title is vital. When you listen to them each with the word “Levitation” in mind, it’s next to impossible not to feel the music hit your brain in all the right places for just that to occur. ‘Snowfall,’ the first track on the EP, is a perfect example of this. He floats in and out using a chime effect and a more mechanical sound that is just perfect for a sort of trance like levitation to occur.

That’s not to mean that his music is boring, far from it in fact. It’s got enough bass and untz to pack a dance floor- tracks like ‘From Now Till…’ have familiar samples (‘Diamonds are Forever’) that will make even new listeners go just as hard as long time fans. The entire EP has something raw and exciting about it – I think this is an artist that will know how to get the crowd moving, even in Seattle.

Pick up Paper Diamond’s Levitate for absolutely free here. And make sure to snag tickets to his show at Neumos this Friday, April 13th here. So really, if you think about it, for $12 you’re getting a night of killer beats AND an EP. Pretty good deal if you ask me…

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