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5 x 5 Curator Spotlight: Lincoln Theater


5x5The Lincoln Theater, located at 1215 U St NW, is a pinnacle of Washington history, the bastion of arts when that particular luxury wasn’t afforded to all of its occupants. Not making light of the district’s racial history, just willing to record it and move past it. Tonight it was the destination of the DC Commission on the The Arts & Humanities’ 5 X 5 Curator Spotlight of Laura Roulet. Most of the time, the best events distinguish themselves from the acts billed on the program, tonight it  was willing to venture outside of that norm.

From Roulet’s precious, and uncharacteristically, own words. Her enthusiasm lay in the work of someone else; when she exclaimed that “art history was being made” it wasn’t in light of her own work but someone else’s. The work she was referring to was that of local prodigy Wilmer Wilson IV‘s interpretation and exhibit: Henry “Box” Brow: Forever; the United States’ slave who mailed himself to freedom from Richmond, VA to Philadelphia, PA. Her move was so unexpected a chance meeting with the artist had to be made. The young lad was just how you would expect him to be. A current resident of the infamous Towers of Howard University, full of so much promise, potential and innocence, they oozed out of his big eager brown eyes. If you’re in the DC area, please be encouraged to see his show.

Besides the gracious announcement, the evening was filled with genuine surprise. Any event billed with food, drink and musical entertainment, rouses suspicion from any goers expecting chips, dip and an artistic ukulele performance. We were handsomely treated with the chili from the storied and easily more renowned tourist haven, Ben’s Chili Bowl. The cocktail in question was the Bisou Noir, created by Rachel Sergi, Beverage Director of DC’s own Jack Rose Dining Salon. The only way to represent the beverage accurately is with its froth, an item that was described by both barkeeps on hand as both Niagara Falls and freshly driven snow; with the lack of anything substantive in the evening, the drink made with Grey Goose and Rene Roir Rouge, among many ingredients, was simply, quite enough.

The Five by Five series is far from over and you’re encouraged to pay a visit to their future installations. What can’t be promised is the band that will accompany said shows. Tonight, we were promised to “Kriss Funn & Corner Store” and the musical stylings of Kris Funn on bass, word to the heavens above, you just had to be there. Catch them here, if you can.