Rita's Red Velvet Water Ice

It would only take one hand to list the things I love about Texas and four of those things involve food or dining establishments.   Since relocating from the Lone Star State, one of the things I have missed most is Red Velvet Cake.  You can imagine my surprise and delight when Rita’s Water Ice announced it’s newest flavor of water ice: Red Velvet.

My favorite water ice flavors are Cappuccino (which, unfortunately did not make a come back this year) and Mint Chocolate Chip, primarily because of the similarities to the actual foods. Upon hearing of the newest flavor, I assumed that Rita’s would provide me with an East Coast version of my favorite southern treat. This is the East Coast, after all, the birthplace of so many things worth bragging about.

One of the key elements of a perfect slice of Red Velvet Cake is the cream cheese icing and, unfortunately, this is where Rita’s fell short.  When I asked the Rita’s associate how she liked the newest flavor, she said she liked very much but confessed she’d never actually had real Red Velvet Cake.  So, I suppose that if you’ve never had the original, than what Rita’s will serve you is comfortingly and borderline, magically delicious.  However, if you’ve had the original, you won’t be nearly as excited.

Contrary to what disappointment may lead you to believe, however, the water ice version of the desert classic wasn’t horrible.  I would definitely consider ordering it again.  Anyone whose had Red Velvet Cake knows that it is more than a flavor, it’s a mixture of textures and tastes.   It’s love in cake form.  While Rita’s gave a valiant effort, there is a profound and noticeable  difference between Water Ice, no matter how tasty it may be, and a Texas sized slice of Red Velvet Cake.

To find your closest Rita’s  so you can have your own Rita’s Red Velvet experience, visit http://www.ritasice.com.

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