The singer for The Agonist

And I know one person who’s going to give a fuck. Me? I stopped giving fucks two weeks ago, and I don’t plan on starting to give any this week.

The Agonist has, indeed, dropped off the first nine shows of their spring tour with Kittie.

Why? Beats the fuck outta me.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control The Agonist have been forced to miss the first 9 dates of our tour with Kittie,” a statement says.

“We will be joining up with the tour April 19th in Winnipeg MB. We are deeply sorry to the 9 cities we cannot visit and will be working to come back in the future. We are so anxious to hit the stage ASAP See you in Winnipeg!”

Why not explain the circumstances? Why not tell us what is causing this situation, instead of just leaving us hanging?

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