So Mitt is it. But who will be his #2?

Names being floated? Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Governor Bobby Jindal. I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind right off the bat.

Personally, I think McDonnell and Daniels are out right away. Although McDonnell would make sure Virginia is locked up, he’s just not very compelling. And Romney won’t lose Indiana. Plus, Romney is the old, boring white guy in the race. He doesn’t need another one.

That leaves the other old white guy, Chris Christie. He’s certainly charismatic, but he has gone off script a couple times as a Romney surrogate and nobody wants a rogue VP again. Palin spoiled Christie’s chances.

Ryan is out because, respectfully, he’s a nerd. Nobody wants a nerd for President. Plus, he looks like he’s 28.

Jindal wouldn’t be a bad pick in theory, but he has had the national stage before and he just doesn’t have very much charisma either.

But who should Romney pick?

Mike Huckabee. Why? Because if Huckabee had ran this year, he’d be the nominee.

Think about it. Huckabee has Santorum’s evangelical bonafides, Gingrich’s conservative credentials and a likability that Romney simply doesn’t have. I know a bunch of Dems and Indies who don’t necessarily like Huckabees politics, but like him as a person. He would have won Iowa no problem, and most likely would have won South Carolina too. Gingirch wouldn’t have had a chance. And then it would have been Romney vs. Huckabee. Think Huckabee could have won all of the states Santorum won…and then some? I do.

But back to the Veep speculation. What the Repubs desperately want this election cycle is for Dems and Indies who turned out in 2008 for Obama to stay home because a) they wouldn’t mind having Romney/Huckabee as president and b) they’re not passionate enough to drive down to the polls. Also, a guy like Huckabee would wipe away any question the base has about Romney’s religion, stance on abortion, etc. All of that goes away.

So that’s my guess. What’s yours?

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