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Gallup: Buffett Rule Is VERY Popular


Not that this surprising, but the numbers are bigger than I thought…

Listen, we’re not dummies. Obama is going to go after Romney’s wealth and ask why he doesn’t favor taxing the rich the same as all of us.

Gallup has more…

Given President Obama’s persistent emphasis this year on the need to increase taxes on higher-income Americans, and his adoption of a “fair share, fair shot, equal playing rules” campaign theme, it is not surprising to see that Democrats favor the Buffett Rule by almost a three-to-one ratio. More than six in 10 independents, a critically important group in an election year, favor the law. Republicans oppose the law by an 11-point margin, with 54% against and 43% in favor.

The fact that this close with Repubs is a big campaign problem for Romney. A vast majority of Americans won’t be swayed that rich folks don’t pay as much as the rest of us. That’s not to begrudge the rich, it’s just a fact.

What do you think?