Guns N' Roses
It seems everyone’s been talking about Axl Rose this week, after dude unceremoniously told the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he declines induction into their special little club.

This weekend, the rest of GN’R will be in Ohio to accept the honor. Maybe Axl just doesn’t want to go to Ohio. That, I would understand. It’s either that or he’s trying to avoid Slash.

Former Guns drummer Matt Sorum said this week that he feels Duff McKagan and Slash could have ironed this whole thing out.

“I told Duff, ‘One of you guys should call Axl.’ I know Duff played with him [a few times in the last couple of years]. [And I told Duff], ‘Why don’t you call [Axl]?’ And then I talked to Slash. ‘Cause I can’t call [Axl]. I’m way down the ladder. I’m like maybe right where Dizzy [Reed] is, maybe just a little bit above.

“I’m not sure… I said, ‘Slash, why don’t you call Izzy and then [Duff], you call Axl?’ But it didn’t happen, I guess. So I’m just gonna go [to the induction ceremony]… It would be cool to see. I would be happy to be eating my steak, or whatever they’re gonna feed me, watching [the other guys play]… [Laughs] I’d rather hand the sticks to Stevie [Adler, ex-GN’R drummer], actually. ‘Cause I’m cool with that. I don’t need to be going, ‘Hey, you know…’ I’ll go play cowbell or tambourine… I’ll sing the harmonies. I offered my services to Donovan, the folk singer who’s getting inducted. ‘Hey, I don’t think I’ll be playing with these guys, so…’”

I like Matt Sorum. He seems fucking cool.

Meanwhile, Steven Adler says Axl has shit on the band’s fans by declining the Rock Hall invite.

“It’s a shame. It’s very sad,” Adler said. “God bless you, Axl. It’s disrespectful to not just the band, the four original guys, but to our fans, which is everybody in the world.”

Amen to that. Leave it to a recovering addict to sum it all up nicely.

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