OK, so, here’s the deal, folks. Last time I wrote about Slayer writing material and getting ready to record, I got some feedback from folks saying I was too harsh on them.

I had said something like — or exactly like — “Let’s get ready to get disappointed a third straight time.”

Some folks argued the last few Slayer records were, in fact, decent if not glorious studio offerings. And that’s cool if you feel this way. I just disagree with you.

If I am going to be super fucking honest, Slayer has not fondle my proverbial nuts since Divine Intervention; that’s back when I was in fucking high school, folks. That was a long fucking time ago.

Do I believe Slayer are capable of blowing me away again some day? I believe they are. But will they. I don’t know. I will always give the new Slayer a try — always. That’s just something you do.

I’d be beyond psyched if Slayer came back with something to put all others to fucking shame, but the truth is, Slayer had their period where they were the shit. Now, it’s other bands’ times.

Regardless, Slayer spent most of this weekend in the studio, working with the gifted Greg Fidelman, who, I am assuming, will be producing those EPs Dave Lombardo tipped everyone to not too recently.

Entertainment Slayer Are Recording! Slayer Are Recording!