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Antropofagus Exclusive Song Stream: “Blessing Upon My Redemption”


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Gun Shy Assassin is overjoyed to be able to bring you an exclusive stream today from the band Antropofagus, who release a new album, called Architecture of Lust, tomorrow through Comatose Music.

The album is the Italian death metal outfit’s first new album in nearly a decade.

At the end of this post, we have an exclusive stream of “Blessing Upon My Redemption” from that new record, and holy hell, is it intense, brutal, and skull-crushingly obscene.

“This album is like a beast closed in a cage for so much time,” explains guitarist Meatgrinder. “Finally it can be unleashed with its majestic power. The skills of the most modern brutal metal meets perfectly classic death metal: it’s a perfect balance.”

Architecture Of Lust’s lyrics were inspired by the deranged works of Clive Barker and thrive with gore and sickness.

“This is upsetting and sick…a trip without return,” warns singer Tya. “We wanted to keep alive our style, but at the same time trying a way a little bit more ‘elegant’ compared to the past.”

Listen to this song, fucking bang your head, and then, come over to Facebook and tell us how awesome you thought the song was, and how you’re going to go get the album tomorrow when it comes out.