Looks like Emily Blunt will team up with mega-star Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman for the sci-fi film All You Need is Kill. The story is based on the manga based on the 2004 Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. (The adaptation has also been called We Are Mortals. Not sure which will be the final title, but this article uses All You Need is Kill, so I will, too, for the time being.)

Here’s what Amazon says about the book:

There’s one thing worse than dying. It’s coming back to do it again and again… When the alien Gitai invade, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many raw recruits shoved into a suit of battle armor and sent out to kill. Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to find himself reborn each morning to fight and die again and again. On the 158th iteration though, he sees something different, something out of place: the female soldier known as the Bitch of War. Is the Bitch the key to Keiji’s escape, or to his final death?

Cruise is set to play the main character, while Blunt will play another soldier who fights along with him. Dante Harper and Joby Harold wrote the script.

All You Need is Kill is garnering comparisons to Groundhog Day, and for good reason. Much like Bill Murray, through constant repetition of the same day the protagonist learns various things, things that in this case make him a better soldier and more effective alien killer. You know what would have made Groundhog Day even better? Tom Cruise fighting aliens. I am a man of simple tastes, and I’m ready to climb on board at the very idea of this. Liman has solid action chops as displayed in The Bourne Idendity, and all in all, All You Need is Kill is shaping up to be a nice sci-fi action piece.

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