Sense Field

Sense Field
That’s right, dudes.

I was never really into Sense Field, to be honest. I think maybe I liked one or two songs, because of some chick I was dating some 20 years back. I found one of the songs I was into, but can’t remember the name of the second.

Anyways, so, Sense Field — whose members went on to other projects, including Further Seems Forever — were never really my thing, but I know a ton of people who were into them, so this post is for them.

Sense Field has reunited for the upcoming Revelation Records’ 25th anniversary shows, set for June 7 through June 10.

The shows will take place at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California; Sense Field play June 7.

The rest of that evening’s bill features Into Another, Ignite, Gameface, In My Eyes and Kiss It Goodbye.

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