Vacationer, Photo by Joe Perri
Vacationer, Photo by Joe Perri

Every adult misses having spring break, I think that goes without saying. We fill our days with work, work, and more work and rarely leave enough time in our busy schedules for a vacation. I however, have found myself on a daily getaway during my commute home via my newest favorite band, Vacationer. And I’m looking forward to taking a trip with them when they come to Seattle this Tuesday, April 24th, with The Naked and Famous.

I first came across Vacationer when they came to Seattle with The Asteroid Galaxy Tour in February. I’d been listening to their first EP, Gone, for several weeks prior and I found myself constantly humming their island-inspired tunes long after the last song ended. They describe their music as nu-hula; their songs are the perfect soundtrack to any day at the beach or drive without a destination in mind. It’s just hypnotic: dreamy, ridiculously catchy, upbeat, and easy to listen to.  Since the release of their full album last month, also titled Gone, it’s been in constant rotation in my record collection. What I think makes it so special is the way it blends the newly popular electronic music vibe with authentic guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Vacationer isn’t a band focused around a sound board, rather they’re bringing the islands to their audience by combining sound bites, their instruments, and creating an escapist ambiance at each of their concerts.

As you know if you read my review of their show, this is a band that puts as much focus on their abilities as musicians as they do with their abilities to truly put on a whole show. Live, they surround themselves with visuals offered up by a projection system featuring video clips they probably produced themselves of hula dancers, surfers, and general snapshots of island life. When you catch this band live, you’ll probably assume they’ve been together for years, perfecting their sound and group dynamic. The four guys on stage have actually only been an ensemble for the better side of a year, and with as much excitement as they have garnered over the past few months from major music outlets like Paste and Filter I feel like this band is truly one set to do something major in music. There’s truly nobody out there that sounds like these guys, and that is something rare in music today.

To prep for their show next week, pick up their album,Gone, here. Tickets are surprisingly still available for their show with The Naked and Famous at Showbox Sodo for only $25 in advance, or $28 at the door. Buy your tickets here, and make sure to get their early to catch other opening act Now, Now – doors are at 7pm.

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